INTRODUCING Our 1892 Shniedewend & Lee
​Printing Press and Classic Equipment...


"Seven Sacraments (In Latin)"

This intricately-detailed, reverent print is reproduced from a late 1800s holy card, and we have added a flourish border to it. Our name appears at the base. This 2.5" x 4.25" card is printed in black ink on heavy cotton white cardstock. Only 50¢ each, with FREE SHIPPING. Please no orders less than 10.


($2.00 Per Card)

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Seven  Sacraments Holy Card

50¢ Each

$10 Per
​Square Inch

While most old-style letterpress printers use the Chandler & Price brand, ours is a rarity. This foot-treadle operated 10"x15" Schniedewend & Lee dates to 1892 and has lived a hard life. S&L started as an electrotype company in 1870 and survived the Chicago Fire of 1871 only because the owner put everything he had on wagons and moved them just off the shoreline into the water during the blaze. Soon after, S&L started to produce machinery for the printing and engraving industries. The S&L and Challenge presses were produced from 1884 to 1893, when the partners separated. Paul Schniedewend continued to sell printer’s and engraver’s machinery under his name until his death in 1913. James Lee moved his operation to Grand Haven, Michigan, starting the Challenge Company, which still exists today. They continued to make the Challenge Press until 1910.

* * *

Orémus Press bought our press in 2018 from the legendary Don Tucker Sr. at Capitol Business Forms in Oklahoma City for the whopping bargain of $500...and he threw in a "free" 1949 Intertype (linotype) machine (below, left) for mechanized typesetting. We have not yet fully restored this fantastic machine, but it is on the to-do list.

* * *

In October 2019, we obtained a Chandler & Price Paper Cutter (below, right) to add to our press room. This came from the former Impress Printing in McAlaster, Okla., where it had been since purchased new in 1925!

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$2.50 Each


Printed On-Site using our 1892 Printing Press

Our very traditional, old-fashioned treadle-powered printing press is perfectly suited to reproduce many of the vintage and antique images found on cards from the early 1900s and 1800s. Generally, these cards are now in the public domain, so it's just a matter of finding the printer for the job. WE ARE IT! If you have a black-and-white "line-drawing" style greeting card, we can reproduce it on soft-white cotton, scored & folded cardstock by the hundreds! (Our name will appear on the back). Contact us by email for further details if you have a custom order:

Important Points:

BLACK & WHITE ONLY at this time.

• $2.00 per card (up to 4.25" x 6.25")

• Card + Matching Envelope...$2.50 each
• Minimum Press Run: 100
​• Plate Setup Fee: $35.00

• Soft White, scored & folded cotton cardstock
• Interior text available 30¢ per word.

Email Us For Questions!


• All reproduced prints (may) become available for sale by Orémus Press & Publishing