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Rate per week of work involved; One week charge minimum.

Printing...$300 (minimum run 1,000 copies)

Per our local contract press.

Shipping Costs

(Variable depending on postal/shipping rates, though we always seek the best rate for you. No charge for local pick-up)

Illustration Work...$20/hr or by Contract

Artist retains full ownership of original artwork.

You receive rights to reproduction.

Take a look at some of our design work...

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Oremus Press Newspaper

Original Logo design...$500

You retain full rights!

Logo modification/repair/file work...$20/hr

You retain full rights!

Graphics Work...$20/hr

Card printing/production rate dependent on best available rate at job time

Document Repair & Typesetting

• Regular Rate...$20/hr

• Rush Job...$40/hr

(Rush Job is any job which must reasonably be completed within a two week (14 day) window as indicated by the Client.)


Businesses and organizations are best identified by their logo, and multiple entities have been aided in their desire to create a custom logo or revise and refresh an existing one.

We have served clients in Oklahoma, Colorado and Arkansas and are always open to new challenges. 

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Do you need custom prayer cards suitable for Baptism, Confirmation, Wedding, Ordination or just for everyday use?

You provide us with the image for the front and prayer & info for the back, and we will go to work for you!

Or, we can select a few appropriate images for you to choose from.

FUNERAL CARDS — Due to the usual time constraints involved with funerals, we do not do funeral cards except in cases of services a month or more after a loved-one's passing. We will gladly create memorial prayer cards at any time, however, which you may wish to distribute to family and friends at a later date. 

Important Points:

• Business Card Size (2" x 3.5")

• Postcard Size (4.25" x 5.5")

• B&W Reverse included

• Color Reverse extra

• Front is gloss, Reverse is matte

Email us for more information & Pricing

Graphics Work...$20/hr

Card printing/production rate dependent on best available rate at job time


by Jeremy A. Ingle

Since childhood, when talented relatives taught me how to draw with character and about the principles of perspective, light and shadows, I have been doing artwork upon request. Throughout my school years, I was forever being asked to "help" draw something or another for a classmate. In college I produced playbills for the Theatre at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, then hundreds of further pieces during continuing education at the Art Institute of Dallas. My style has been compared to that of the late Bill Peet, whom I do greatly admire, though only discovered over the past decade, so I was not influenced by him. Although Bill is no longer able to provide artwork today, I am available as a children's book illustrator in this style.

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​We have produced several custom newspapers, and can do the same for you!

Whether you need an annual publication, or a quarterly for your museum, library, organization, event or business, we can help!

Give your patrons a traditional black & white newspaper (it's actually a unique idea these days!) and they'll remember you because of it!

We produced a 1910-themed 4-page newspaper for our 2010 wedding, and those in attendance still bring that memorable reception favor up years later!

We've been in the newspaper business since 2004 and can do all the design and layout work for you...unless you have a file prepared. Email us for more information!


​I have had the pleasure of designing both logos and business cards for several new small businesses; as well as custom cards for representatives of larger entities including State Farm Insurance and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Personal calling cards have also been among the jobs ordered and filled. We plan to have the ability to do our own printing in the future, but at present, we do the design work in-house, then do our printing with one of several quality, cost-effective partners.

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​If you have a PDF document that needs revision, correction or amendment, we can do that, based on your instructions. In other words, just tell us what you want changed, and we can do it for you. Need a sentence added on page 12, or four new paragraphs on page 320? We can fix it for you.

Do you have a (neatly) hand-written or typewritten manuscript that you want to convert to a digital format...or you're looking to get it published? We can do that typesetting for you - - and all your documents will remain confidential; we won't try to plagiarize your material or sell your potential best-seller out from under you. We just want to set type for you and provide you with the completed file on a flash drive, CD or emailed PDF.

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